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Top Five Under A Fiver | Budget Beauty

Top Five Makeup Products Under Five PoundsWith the cost of living seeming to be higher than ever at the moment, it can make treating yourself to makeup and beauty bits a tad tricky especially when there are bills to be paid and a family to be fed. I don’t know about you but one of the first things I tend to give up is treats for myself as they can work out pretty expensive when you add up the costs. Today I thought I would share with you my top five makeup products which cost under £5.00 meaning that you can easily continue treating yourself even when the funds are lower than normal. At the moment there is a lot of makeup brands on the market with products to suit all budgets but unfortunately not all of the lower cost products pack a punch in terms of quality so you could end up wasting your hard earned cash instead of investing it wisely. We all have different qualities we look for in makeup but these five products are ones that I would recommend picking up and trying as I think they are good quality for minimal spend meaning that you can afford to treat yourself every now and again. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - Transparent | £3.99 | Post

Let’s be honest, I couldn’t write a post about my top products under a fiver and not include Stay Matte, could I? Regular readers will know how I love, and rave about this Rimmel Powder but I am not the only one. It is the one powder I have seen many a beauty blogger and vlogger swear by and it has featured on many social media accounts over the years. Regardless of what foundation/BB Cream I am wearing, this is my go to powder. I don’t like to have added colour from my powder and prefer using a Transparent shade, this is the perfect setting powder for keeping my foundation and concealer in place and leaving me with a flawless like finish. The mattifying powers reduce any shine I may have going on and the longetivity of it means that I am not having to constantly touch up during the day. I would pay a lot more money for this powder than what it actually retails for. This is the one product that you will always find in my collection, I usually have one in use and a back up stored away somewhere.

Freedom Duo Brow Powder - Medium Brown | £4.00 | Post
I only spoke about this brow powder recently on the blog but I have been using it for a couple of months now.  This is one of those powders that just works for me. The duo brown shades work well together and none of them have the dreaded red undertone which so many brown shades appear to. The powders themselves, when mixed, create a shade close to my own natural brow shade. I like to use this underneath Wunderbrow but it also works great underneath the Natural Collection Clear Mascara which I use to set my brows. Whether you are a makeup artist or a complete beginner, this product will work for you. It is super easy to work with, pigmented and costs only three quid. Definately one you have to try.

MUA Strobe & Glow Highlight Kit | £5.00 | Post
Slightly cheating with this one as technically it is not under £5.00 but it is a fiver exactly so I am sure you can let me off with it. If you are looking for a budget friendly highlighter then this is the one of the first I would direct you to. This is a two step highlighter with you applying the cream highlight first and then applying the powder over the top. The cream is insanely pigmented so a little definately goes a long way with this one. Seriously, you will end up with a disco ball effect if you go in all heavy handed so take it light and build it up if you need to.  The powder doesn’t add any more shimmer and is actually matte with a subtle golden glow. Think of it as more of a setting powder for the cream highlighter, it dulls down the overly glittery effect and make it more wearable for a thirty something woman like myself. Personally, I would never wear the cream highlighter without the powder on top but it all comes down to personal preference. One thing I would point out is that I do think this best suited to us pale skinned ladies and gentlemen so the powder is quite light but if your skin tone is darker then I’d recommend swatching it in store first.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – East End Snob | £3.99 | Post
Commonly known as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk this lip liner is one of my most used lip products this year. Eastend snob is a pinky nude shade which would suit a lot of skin tones. The application of this is a dream as it has a crayon like tip meaning that it does not drag across your lips and you only have to twist the end of the pencil to get more product, no faffing around with pencil sharpeners when trying to rush out the door for work. I do find this a bit drying when worn on it’s own and tend to wear it underneath  various shades of lipstick or even Dr PawPaw balm, it is a complete dream lipliner for me.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Elements Palette | £4.00 | Post
This eyeshadow palette sat in a drawer for months without being used until I re-discovered it during a makeup sort out. I don’t know how I let this slip through the net as the colours are all my go to neutral shades. You can’t go wrong with twelve eyeshadows in one palette for only £4.00 but add to the fact this is Makeup Revolution and you know you're onto a winner, we all know their shadow pigmentation is simply amazing and are on par with some of the higher end brands. I have actually gotten rid of my Urban Decay Naked palettes and replaced them with the MUR alternatives. The Iconic Elements palette is one that I find myself reaching for this every other day as it the perfect palette with shades to will have you covered for day and/or night time looks. 

This product list was a lot easier to come up with than I thought especially considering the small price tag involved, there was a lot more items I wanted to include but when searching their costs I found they were priced at £5.99 or above so wouldn’t fit in with this post.  It has got me thinking of doing similar posts for makeup and/or beauty products under £10.00, £15.00 and maybe even £20.00 though. Is this something you would be interested in?

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams | New Brand Alert

FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams

FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams Swatches
Today, I want to introduce you all to a new brand on the market FIINX UK which is run by a mum of three who started the company fairly recently and is trying to build it up while bringing up her kids. I first became aware of FIINX UK via their Instagram page and instantly fell in love with the lip creams but also available from the brand are skincare products and jewellery with makeup brushes being the latest line introduced through the Instagram page.

In case you haven't noticed, I am a complete lip product lover and recently I have been lucky enough to be able to try the FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams* and wanted to share them with you today. The eagle eyed amongst you will recognise these lip creams as I have shared them a couple of times on my Instagram page.

The FIINX UK Matte Lip Creams are available in 10 shades and are priced at only £8.00 each.   These matte lip creams actually put me in mind of the NYX Lingerie Lipsticks but with a more exciting range of colours available as the NYX version are pretty much a selection of nude shades. The FIINX UK lip creams are comfortable to wear and seem to last a long time on the lip although after a few hours, especially if you have been eating and drinking, they do start to wear off slightly but they wear off pretty evenly and I don't find it a problem to reapply on the go. The creams are super pigmented and with the shade range available there is a colour to suit everyone's taste, some of you are going to absolutely love the bolder shades which are available. I currently have three lip creams and my most worn shade is Press On which I seem to be reaching for more and more, it is the perfect everyday shade for me.

For those of you wondering, these do dry to a complete matte finish but unlike other matte products, they are not drying on the lips at all. It is worth bearing in mind though that if you plan on wearing matte lip products of any kind, that it is advised that you properly exfoliate your lips with a scrub and then moisturise them with a nourishing lip balm otherwise you do run the risk of your lips being dried out and that is not a pretty sight. I like to make sure to look after my lips and apply lip balm daily when doing my morning and evening skincare routines to prevent any drying especially in the colder weather, I also like to keep up with regular exfoliation of my lips.

I am loving these lip creams at the moment and can't wait to see what else FIINX UK has in store for us.

To purchase and for further information on the brand please see the FIINX UK website here or visit the Instagram page.

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*Items marked with an asterisk have been received as PR Samples/Gifts. All opinions are my own. Please see my Disclaimer page for further information.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Current Beauty Favourites | October 2016

Current Beauty Favourites October 2016
I love nothing more than having a nosey at other people's favourite or most used products, the only problem is that I tend to add a whole load of items onto my current wishlist so not so great for my bank balance when I am trying to cut down on spending with Christmas coming up. 

I can be quite a creature of habit and stick to using the same products a lot but recently I have tried a few new products as well as re-discovering some old favourites so thought the time was right for me to share these with you.  I recently had a sort out of makeup which led to me re-discovering the old favourites and I have actually realised how much makeup I have that I hardly use, if I have even used them at all.  I plan on alternating products around a bit more, sort of like a shop my stash, to make sure I am using every product and not wasting money on things that I haven't used or only using slightly.  I don't know about you but I like to get my money's worth out of things. Hopefully with me sorting my stash out and alternating products means I will be able to share more favourites posts with you in the future and not be featuring the same products time and time again. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Life Lately Through My iPhone #4

Life Lately Through My iPhone Life Lately Through My iPhone
I haven't done one of these posts in quite a while so thought it was about time I rectified that and shared with you my life lately through my iPhone. I have to be honest here and say that I now have a lot of food pictures and screenshots of recipes and meal ideas since I restarted my Slimming World Journey but thought I better spare you all those photos. I have started taking selfies again now that my confidence is making a bit of a return, it is amazing what losing a bit of weight can do for confidence. I am starting to feel better about myself and don't despise what I see looking back at me in the mirror. I am very much still a work in progress but slow and steady wins the race, or so they say. 

1. Black and white selfie. I was tagged by the lovely Linda over on instagram to share a black and white selfie and you know that these tags need to be adhered to so this is the one that I took, completely makeup free.
2. My current favourite primer bases. I like to spray the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base all over my face then apply Benefit POREfessional to my T Zone. Perfect primer combo for me.
3. Buddy! Have I even introduced Buddy on my blog yet? He is my parent's puppy. He is just under 8 months old and is a West Highland Terrier. I was dog sitting him on Saturday and we went for a super long walk, this was him on our return. He stayed like that for a good two hours! I think I wore him out.
4. Pasta Bolognese. Does this need any explanation? This is one of my favourite Slimming World meals and I have it every single week. Yes, you can eat pasta on Slimming World!
5. I like to have makeup free days especially on a Sunday. On this particular day I applied all my favourite skincare products to give my skin a good pampering. That No7 oil is quite new to my collection but I am obsessed with it already! 
6. Overnight oats. I've only recently started making these and man, do they taste good. I am now having them about two or three times a week as breakfast. They are so filling and stop me reaching for snacks between breakfast and lunch time.
7. Photo of my makeup of the day on 24th October 2016. Some old favourites and new products included in this line up. 
8. Makeup free selfie. I am quite happy with my skin at the moment, it's behaving for a change. I think it is a combination of my skincare routine and also my healthier eating that is making it look better but I am not about to start knocking it.  I do have Wunderbrow on in this picture so not entirely makeup free I suppose.
Life Lately Through My iPhone
9. Me with my little sister, Bethany. There is 14 years between the two of us but the older she gets, the closer we seem to get. Some people say we are morphing into each other and are so alike in looks and personality. That's completely okay with both of us, we are cool with being like each other. I don't tend to share many family photos on here but I love this one of the two of us taken the other day when we were messing around with Snapchat filters that I just had to share it.

What photos are lurking around in your phone at present? Are there any you would share on your blog?

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Natural Collection | Budget Makeup

Boots Natural Collection Makeup
I have always loved drugstore makeup and would say that at least 90% of my collection comes from drugstore brands. Of course I have, and love, high end products but I have a house to run and so I can't always afford to buy the most expensive products which is where budget friendly drugstore alternatives come in for me. I truly believe that you can get just as good quality products in the drugstore as you can from high end products but it can be a bit more tricky to find.

What with getting work done on the garden last month and with Christmas fast approaching, I have had to put myself on somewhat of a spending cut down. I can't call it a spending ban because I am still buying a few bits each month, I've got to be honest and say that I don't need any new makeup but I 'm a woman who loves her beauty and so I still like to treat myself once all the bills are paid. 

Boots Natural Collection has some of the cheapest priced makeup around but having not used many products from the brand, I wasn't sure just how good the quality was compared to other drugstore makeup items. I recently picked up some bits and have been trialling them over the past few weeks to see how I got on with them. 

Tinted Moisturiser - Natural | £1.99
I struggle to find foundations and BB Creams that match my pale skin but this tinted moisturiser is actually a really good shade match for me so a big thumbs up for that right away. As this is a moisturiser there is not a great deal of coverage but it does even out my skin somewhat although I don't have any major skin issues to blend out but if you have redness or such like then this may not be the product for you. I tend to reach for this on 'no makeup' makeup days or when I am just needing a little something on my skin to even things out but still want to keep things natural looking.  I always use a primer before any foundation or BB Cream so when using this I stick to this rule.  It doesn't appear to stick to any dry patches I may have and it tends to fade evenly throughout the day. For the price, I am super impressed with this.

Pressed Powder - Cool | £1.99
I like this powder but I don't love it. It does remove shine to an extent but if you want real mattifying effects then you are going to need to apply a lot of product which in turn can leave you looking a bit cakey, not a look I tend to favour.  I also don't like to be completely matte so I tend to favour a small sweeping of product over my face to set my foundation/BB Cream or tinted moisturiser and it works better for me that way. I always set my makeup with a setting spray and find that I need to reapply this powder during the day if I am and about regardless of whether I use a setting spray or not. It's not awful but I am remaining loyal to my Rimmel Stay Matte.

LashCare Mascara - Clear | £1.99
There is only one thing I use a clear mascara for and that is for setting my eyebrows. I can't really comment on what this does mascara wise for eyelashes but it works great for setting my brows and keeping them in place all day.  I have used it on its own and also on top of brow powder and never had a problem. 
Boots Natural Collection Swatches
Tinted Lip Balm - Caribbean Crush & Melon Cooler | £1.99
When I first picked these up, I thought they were lip glosses but it wasn't until I got them home and looked at them properly that I realised they were actually tinted lips balms. I am glad they aren't glosses to be honest, I much prefer these to glosses now that I have tried them. These are super comfortable to wear and do not leave that dreaded sticky feeling on the lips.  They do only provide a hint of colour as you can see from the swatches above but I like to wear these on no makeup days and days when I just want a little something on my lips.  These also work great on top of lipsticks to add a gloss effect and they do stop your lips drying out as they are quite moisturising.

Duo Eyeshadow - Starlight/Midnight | £1.99
I am so glad I picked up this little eyeshadow duo. It is quite pigmented and very easy to blend out making them great to work with.  The dinky packaging is the ideal size for carrying around with you in your makeup bag or even for taking on holiday with you if you don't have enough room to pack your beloved eyeshadow palettes.  The only problem you are going to find is deciding what duo to choose.

Natural Collections is available from Boots online and in stores.

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